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Composite Barrel






Tripura Composite Barrels have two shells of protection for special material / liquid to filled in. The inside of the barrel is made of virgin blow molded HDPE and it is surrounded by High Quality MS Sheet Barrel. The thickness of the MS Sheet Barrel. The thickness of the MS Sheet is provided as per the requirement of the customer. Two opening of 2” are provided for on the top of the barrel for easy filing in and removal of the material. We also guarantee 100% leakproofness of these barrels.


Nominal Capacity Int. Dia. mm Int. Ht.
Ext. Dia. mm Ext. Ht. mm Guage
(mm approx.)
210 Ltrs. 570 852 585 905 1.0, 1.2, 1.5


  • Dangerous Substances such as
  • - Class 3 : Inflammable liquids
  • - Class 6 : Poisonous substances
  • - Class 8 : Corrosives
  • - Class 9 : Miscellaneous dangerous substances
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